Art-based Interventions for your team

Creativity is not something you can buy in one of these "all -you -need" -shops, nor you can add- on your people like a download on your lap!! 
But being creative is not only an attitude of an artist. Everyone carries the potential inside in different ways.
 Developing new ideas and great things need
a culture, where even under pressure, creativity is allowed and has its own space.  
To let creativity grow in your company you need an atmosphere of  an innovative culture.
The New Digital World 
In the new economy world companies have to manage inconsistent tasks. To manage the complexity, 
different cultures and departments you unify the diversity to one creative team through establishing
value based principles and guidelines.  
New Values through Art
Art based Interventions can help to anchor these values in your company,
as well it helps to create one team spirit.
Creativity should become a vivid culture in your company.
How to process the overflow of information and innovation
The timeframe of change-processes  has been shorten by the impact of the digital revolution. 
 Computer can process the mass of information faster, people need their time to digest it.
The complexity of all these challenges needs a new creative "out- of- the- box"- thinking. 
But how can you generate space and time for creativity?
You need Extra - Time and Space!
If you want to experience something really new, you have to move your brain, your body, your hands, your feet,
and leave the secure comfort zone and become an adventurer in the insecure land of "not- knowing- what- comes",
using all your senses to survive this adventure.
You have to be aware of everything around you, and what ´s inside you: 
your 7 th Sense -your Intuition - will find the way out of the jungle.
Practice your creativity
Even you cannot buy creativity, you and your company have the possibility to practice art based learning,
creating creative space for innovation, use art-based tools for team buildings, visualize new visions and
innovation through art processes and become more and more an innovative company. 
Artists support you to create  this atmosphere. Art Interventions are the accelerator for your change processes.  
One value of art-based intervention is to lead your team and company to a new level of co-creation
by activating their inner wisdom and implicit knowledge.
In this mindset you can create space and spirit for your business and your team to grow faster.  
Art is an analog and a holistic experience!  Reconnecting with your inner value, emotions and implicit knowledge.
By using all senses you reconnect to your intuition and imagination to make the right decision. 
Find new solutions
Creativity is the key to a lot of unknown resources that are hidden in your company, in your team as in yourself. 

Let your team participate in transformation, changes and evolution and create an atmosphere for new ideas!

Whatever your current topics are with art-based interventions you fasten the process ! 

Inspire your team by using the secrets of arts.  Go from problem to  solution by changing the mindset of the people.