Create Teamspirit

Create team spirit is one of the most important task, you have to build up in your company.
Therefor you need an open learning atmosphere,
where new ideas can pop up, have space and are wellcome.
ART INTERVENTIONS can help to unify your different teams and departments, so they not fight each other instead of collaborate. 
To bring out the best efforts we using the Active Learning Circle:
P.    Perception 
A.    Actionusing all senses( not only the brain) by letting your team participating in the    creative process and create something together. 
R.    Reflection after action 
M.    Modify and create new values and guidelines out of the experience

A.    Anchor it. Bring back the new values, knowledge to your working process.

Team Building can be implemented in KICK OFF Days, Events, Vision Quest, Incentives, and does not have to be an issue by its own.
We create art interventions designs, where different teams have to collaborate and solve different tasks.
Your Extra-benefit:  you can check how your teams are working together, analyse where are the conflict potentials in your team,
as well how to create a better work flow in your team.