Creative Space Time

How creative are your team members? It depends on following things:

Existing culture, values, your leadership -style and of course the working space atmosphere.  



The pressure to be innovative and challenge into the digital transformation leads to a lot of pressure and insecure. Not the best status to generate creativity out of your employees, right? How can you navigate your company through these times? 


Implementing Creative Space Time in your schedule or rooms, where creativity can take place, could help to reflect on topics before going into action. 

Big company like Google already give their employees the possibility for relaxing, creative- rooms, play-rooms, and a creative working atmosphere. 

More and more companies are implementing rooms, where a variety of materials are stored in boxes for creating models, and ideas or concepts can be visualized.  

The DESIGN THINKING Method is one common model for generating more creative outcome.

But rooms like these are senseless, if there is no time for using these creative rooms.


Before you can implement a creative work culture in your company you have to analyze your existing culture, the creative outcome, atmosphere, and the satisfaction of employees. 

As an artist I can help you to find out the best ways for create a space and atmosphere, where innovation can take place. 


"Creative Space Time" could be a day once a month where creativity has its own time and space, and your team can work on topics, goals, innovation and also reflect on different topics. A creative culture has to grow in the mindset of your team, and has to be supported by the leadership.


To survive in this time of transformation the company has to support the creative outcome of its employees. By improving your people´s productivity you generate satisfaction in your team. So the opportunity to bring out their inner worth helps not only to develop value for people,

but value for your company as well.


So take the chance for the next step into future and invest in creativity space time!