Eventmanagement-Design your Event !

Your company need a special design for an event?

 Your company wishes something extraordinary to represent you as an innovative company

for stakeholders, members, leaders, the press, or in the social media?

Figure out, what  kind of artists fits into your company and to your event!


There are many ways to do art:  Music, Theater, Improvisation Theater, Performance, Dance, Fine Art!

Performed and supported by the right artist, you will create unique and emotional moments with your people!


 Art Interventions are one of the most exciting forms to create a special unforgettable moment for your event and company.

Let your team play an active role of  the presentation! It´s a big difference to just consume art or to produce it with your team.

The art intervention itself can be reduced to 1 hour 30 min. Preparations are already done before the event starts. 


Create a music orchestra out of your company,

Play theater about your transformation act,

write a poetry with humor,

perform your company,

paint your vision,

or sculpture your goals,

or let  your company dance tango!


We figure out, what kind of Art Intervention fits the best.

We will support you to find the right artist and form of art intervention,

so everybody will be surprised and excited at the end.