ManuArte-  Your Personal Artist

Hello ! 


My name is Manuela Beyer, I am an artist, art therapist and

coach for creative change processes for people and companies.


My vision and goal is to bring the most important value back to the people:



To handle the challenges to the digital world and AI,

creativity has become one of the most wanted abilities.



Art based learning is one possibility to change the way of thinking,

to train switching between left -and right -brain- modi.

Getting  new perspectives and exceptional insights.


My deep believe is, that creativity is not only parked for artists,

instead we are already born with this ability!


But how you become creative at your working place? 

How can you create new ideas with an impact? 

How can an artist help your company to build up a special working space for creativity?

What are the pre-settings for people to boost their creativity?



 Find out more !