Story of Life

I am born 1970 in Munich, Germany and decided early on for a career in Art. 


Being a student in the music boarding school has laid the foundation for my later developments in the arts.

With 18 years I have had already my first Art Exhibition at the Jazzclub Katakombe  in Hagen.


At my second Do-it-yourself- Art- Exhibition I gave the visitors the opportunity to create their own art as well as improvising in a music session. 


Since 1994 Hamburg is more or less my home and castle. 



           In  2000 I decided to move with my little daughter to the romantic countryside in the south of Hamburg and opened my first gallery in York,

organizing art clubs, art-workshops and art-exhibitions.  

The passion about  doing art and working with people leads me to study art therapy. 

Next to the study of fine arts my love for theater and playing mask theater

started as well.


   Back to Hamburg I get a part of an Artist community. Doing art was necessary. 

In 2011 I opened my studio manuartewhere art exhibitions, workshops, lectures, and creating art took place.


To learn more about the special qualities of the different art categories  I studied

Expressive Arts, Coaching and Consulting at the EGS, Sass Fee, Swiss and at the MSH, Medical School Hamburg, in the years of 2011-2016. 

Expressive Arts includes all art forms like fine art, poetry, performance, theater, mask play, sculpture, graphic and dance,

so I can choose  in my work between different art forms.



Through the years I have done a lot of art exhibitions in Hamburg, Recklinghausen, Solingen, Kiel, Hagen, York, Verden, Berlin,

 Frankfurt, Basel (Swiss), Kopenhagen (Denmark), Sylt, Klagenfurt (Austria). 


My work as an art therapist in a clinical context gave me a lot of new insights about humans fate and about the influence of systemic contexts.

A very special moment was to discover how the power of art  and an open- minded -room  helps people to reconnect with themselves.

Another absolutely amazing experience was the art work with children at the age of 1-5 years.

To see the little kids become more self-confident, happy and more creative by giving them space for experiments on their own,


Creativity is inherent


 My vision is  to unlock this treasure box, which is already inside of us all:

our creativity. Artwork is one key to open this treasure box!  

Curiosity and courage are the skills for this adventure to New Wonderland.

Before Artificial Intelligence takes over, we should develop our own creative and human capacity.

Our education system has to be changed by the roots!

It needs much more creative space time free of marking the students.


The new century is called the age of creative people!