In context of your SEMINAR- WORKSHOP- EVENT

  • Build up  your powerteam
  • Leadership training / the right mindset
  • Kick Off : Creative Artdialogs Input for Visualising your Mission
  • Culture development and value- driven leadership


  • train perception skills and meaningful deeper communication
  • as accelerator for diving deeper
  • improving partnership -communications-skills
  • support conflict solving and peacebuilding processes
  • train the heartdialog
  • reflecting and generating new insights and solutions
  • to make the topics which are underneath visible


1. Secrets & Lessons from an Artist

         Learn from an artist how to..

  • Dealing with insecurity and the unknown
  • Letting go -letting flow
  • Trust the process
  •  Get access and reconnect to your intuition and your creativity
  • to use your mistakes and fails for your adventage
  • and much more...

2. Unlock your creativity!

         Interaktive Lessons: 

  • It´s not about how to draw a line, a tree, or a scene, or how to use the right color nor copy artwork from others.
  • Instead of you will reconnect to your inner source of creativity and get rid of the inner blockades, which are hindering you.
  • Getting deeper understanding in the creative prozess itself
  • Get the key to your inner treasure!